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2016 Alfa Romeo Giuilia: Gunning for glory

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2016 Alfa Romeo Giuilia- Alfa Romeo is on a mission. The Italian brand is seen to be gunning for glory that the luxury car trio – Mercedes, Audi and BMW enjoy on a global level. FCA boss Sergio Machonne aims to increase the annual sales of the brand to a staggering 40,000 units, with at least one third of the production being sourced from the US.

The task is not going to be easy and we hear that Alfa Romeo which also celebrated its 105th anniversary last year is planning to assemble a long range of new product line-up that will include a 4C sport car, a couple of SUVs, a full size-sedan, a second mid-sized sedan, a 4C-style car, the 2016 Giuilia sedan and two compact cars.

2016 Alfa-Romeo-Giulia

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Alfa Romeo CEO had acknowledged that the brand had made some serious mistakes in the past that led to the replacement of stylish sports car models with dull and boring commoditized cars.

With the new product line-up we can see winds of change taking the sails of Alfa Romeo with gust. It is expected that the brand will be successful in achieving significant success in making a mark in the US and third world countries where it is still to enter markets.

Coming back to the 2016 Giulia, the all new introduction will have a better performance ratio with 50/50 weight distribution, torque vectoring, rear-wheel drive, dual-clutch automatic and a six-speed manual transmission. The engine will be a superfluous Ferrari built turbocharged V6 with 503hp to satiate your power driving desires.

We did not get to sit inside the car, but from what we see the insides are pleasantly clean and neat with slight slants and curves that add class and style. The steering is mounted at an ergonomic angle and has esque integrated controls that can pretty do much everything without taking your hands of the wheel.

 2016 Alfa-Romeo-Giulia - Interior

That said, in the insides the Alfa Romeo Giulia is a driver’s car. From the outside, the car has few but large air inlets and narrow headlights that gives its nose a dominating stance. The carbon fiber-trimmed body has a neat straight line design with quad exhausts and a rear diffuser completing the looks.

There is no news about the probable release of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, but we expect it to make an arrival sometime before the all of 2015 at US dealer ships. The Frankfurt Motor Show is also one place where the car is expected to make a debut before it comes up for sale.

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The Alfa Romeo is definitely on the path of a major comeback that will justify its glorious past. We also hear other news about the brand about to reopen its museum which was shut down way back in 2009. The logo has undergone slight modifications and has made it look a lot more futuristic complementing the brand’s vision of assembling a range of modern cars.

We expect Alfa Romeo to gram some headlines in auto magazines and journals in the coming days as there is a wealth of information that is yet to be out about the brand’s re-entry strategy.

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