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2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty looks more promising than what you see

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Offers of Ford’s F-Series, which incorporates the F-150 light obligation pickup and additionally the F-250 through F-550 Super Duty range, are up about 9 percent this year. Ford offers more F-Series trucks than any other manufacturer, and given the normal F-Series exchange price approaches $50,000 as indicated by Kelley Blue Book information, well, that is a decent section to command.

Far better for the Blue Oval’s budgetary picture, it achieved this position before the launch of the all-new 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty.


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This is the principal ground-up update of the F-Series Super Duty in over 10 years, and it most likely won’t shock anybody to hear it followed in the strides of its littler sibling, the F-150.

That doesn’t simply mean an all-aluminum body based on a re-engineered, completely boxed high-quality steel outline (simply like the F-150), it additionally implies using the F-150′s taxicab structure, which has demonstrated both open, comfortable and exceptionally useful as far as we can tell.

Why re-design the wheel — or taxi — if it as of now works? In the wake of driving the 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty we can affirm the move spares Ford cash without bargaining traveler needs.

Extra stage redesigns incorporate taller casing rails, up to 10 cross members on bigger trucks and fortified hitch recipients that don’t require a weight-dispersion hitch, even at the greatest appraised trailer tow weight.

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Mileage and Performance

As befits the fragment, the Super Duty is all the more, too. The most extreme towing limit is higher than some time recently, the taxicabs have more space, the engines are more grounded.

The spread of accessible toppings is more extensive running, with more extravagance elements, tech additional items, and accessible comforts than some other overwhelming obligation offers.

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You can even drive it longer separations – a recently accessible 48-gallon tank makes a relentless 1,000 miles conceivable, and another quad container holder implies you won’t have to stop for espresso for at any rate that long.

You get more space for people in the taxi, too; each of the three – consistent, SuperCab, and SuperCrew – are imparted to the F-150.

The floor in the rear of the SuperCab and SuperCrew is level, which permitted Ford to include another lockable under-seat storage compartment for the Super Duties that you can find in the second video in the playlist underneath; engineers call attention to that one favorable position of the common taxicabs is a less demanding stream of progressions between the F-150 and the Super Duties.

At the point when asked whether the under-seat storage locker was one such transferable headway, we were told that would bode well. At long last, something we said seemed well and good.

Power and Body

The F-Series Super Duty additionally touts a few portion elite advancements. Its versatile cruise control system works with the heaviest trailers, as does its forward impact cautioning system, which will precharge the brake pedal to accelerate the way toward backing off.

Cameras give the driver a 360-degree view of the vehicle while towing, and there’s likewise a first-of-its-kind trailer camera that you can place wherever’s generally suitable.


The Super Duty lineup goes on special this fall, and pricing begins at $33,730 for a F-250  with a standard taxi. One exceptionally valuable component that attempts to conceal some of that size and haul is the discretionary versatile guiding.

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It’s like the system initially offered on the Ford Edge – a gearset and little electric motor are settled in the guiding haggle include (or subtract) directing edge with respect to what you put in.

At low speeds, it includes a considerable measure, making parking area moves to a lesser extent a task. At thruway speeds, it includes less, and just once you’ve left right on target, which stays away from a skittish or over-helped feeling.

When you have the truck in Tow/Haul mode, the system expels some directing edge, easing back your contributions to continue everything moving easily.

It works unfathomably consistently, to the point that you truly can’t tell anything is different unless you pay consideration on how little function you’re putting in and what a limited number of revolutions the controlling wheel requires.

We drove comparative vehicles with and without the system consecutive to strengthen this conclusion. Versatile controlling is a tremendous help on twisty streets, making it practically chuckable and giving the sentiment a truck that is littler than it is. Alright, less enormous.

Redesigning Concepts

There’s no mixing up the 2017 truck for anything besides Ford Super Duty. Despite the fact that the belt holds similar blocky, practically cutting edge subject, Ford took the chance to move a few things around and to completely focus on the LED furor.

Ringed by LED driving lights, the quad-shaft headlamps are themselves lit by LEDs and have been pulled forward, leaving just the swing indicators to clear over into the bumpers.

The grille is a hybridization of past Ford-truck styling endeavors, using the two-bar primary realistic, now dabbed with apertures in a few adaptations.

The larger than average wheel flares remain, despite the fact that they’re presently mixed all the more easily into whatever is left of the body. However, the concept is certainly new from what the previous versions of the Ford GT launched this year.

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