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2017 Lotus Exige 350 Celebrates 50 years of Anniversary

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To praise its 50th year in Hethel, England, Lotus is building an uncommon release of its famous Exige 350. The commemoration release will have one of a kind completions and enough extraordinary lightweight pieces to shave 60 pounds off the standard Exige’s check weight – bringing the unique version down to a meager 2,423 pounds.

The Exige Sport 350 Roadster takes Lotus’ subject to the most extreme. Notwithstanding having a removable top – something that regularly includes weight – the Exige Sport 350 Roadster is an entire 88 pounds lighter than its car partner on account of a gathering of lightweight additional items.

This rundown incorporates lighter, produced compound wheels, cross bored and vented two-piece brake rotors, and a large number of carbon fiber body boards.

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Presently the rear lid, side air admissions, seats, and front access board are produced using carbon fiber. Indeed, even the battery has been supplanted with a Lithium-particle unit that weights less.


Image Courtesy: Auto-Reviewz

The Design:

The Roadster no more has the descending interfacing balances at every end of the wing. That aside, the Exige is a beautiful car. Its inclining front hood, LED-encrusted headlights, expansive vents, swooping rear flanks, and old fashioned enlivened tail lights make the car incredibly gorgeous sight.

The lightweight endeavors carry into the inside. The seat backings and shell are produced using carbon fiber, while the inside console has an enhanced manual transmission shifter with uncovered linkages.

The shifter is said to improve shifting, as well as adds a racing energy to the lodge. The standard inside incorporates material seats with either a red or yellow shading subject.

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Customers can select cowhide or Alcantara too. Be that as it may, in the wake of seeing the yellow-striped seats coordinate the yellow outside, it’s hard to leave behind such an awesome utilization of shading. The red ought to be pretty much as energizing.

How much more power has it got?

The Sport 350 gets 345bhp and 295lb ft, the same as the Exige S. Presently. Obviously, Lotus has added 50bhp additional to the Evora – the same engine – for the most part by including an intercooler and rolling out adjustment improvements, yet Gales says the ability to weight maths didn’t stack up similarly for the Exige, which had enough space to house the intercooler if required.


Image Courtesy: Auto-Reviewz

It’s significantly lighter than the Evora, so the 40kg additional weight of the intercooler and funneling – and for the LSD to handle the force, on account of the Evora – wasn’t regarded justified, despite all the trouble, nor the additional force fundamental.

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Rather, the additional pace has originated from weight expulsion and a reexamined body, including front camber that is multiplied from 0.40deg to 0.80deg, front toe from 0.06deg to 0.12deg, and rear camber from – 1.9deg to – 2.1deg, the greatest conceivable.

The front wheels remain 17 inches in breadth, the rears 18s, and the tires are still 205/45 R17 and 265/35 R18 Pirelli P-Zero Corsas, yet the rears are extended more than 10J edges that are a large portion of-an-inch more extensive.

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The Comfortability inside the 2017 Lotus Exige 350

Minor changes have been made to the lodge. The clearest are the appropriation of plaid seat fabric — accessible in yellow or red — which looks back to the first Lotus Esprit. It looks incredible.

However, the erasure of sun visors in the mission to spare weight appears to be senseless, as the low sun amid the winter demonstrated on our drive.

The seats are awesome, the driving position’s great and the general vibe is of sitting in a scaled down Le Mans racer.

The aluminum suspension is obvious in places, and all the better for it, while common luxuries we as a whole underestimate — ventilating, advanced sound system — are choices.

There’s likewise the decision of a six-speed automatic gearbox with flappy paddles, yet unless you require it, it feels unsophisticated and doesn’t come prescribed.

The Key specs:

Choose to not change Roadster powertrain Exige Sport 350. In any case, it uses the indistinguishable Toyota – sourced, supercharged, 3.5-liter V-6. Middle mounted engine will make an adjusted 345 hp and 295 lb-feet of torque.

Quality is taken to the back edges through a half 12-speed manual gearbox is normal or suggested 50 % twelve-sum automated with manual change functionality.

On profile from the 88-lb abundance weight reduction, Exige Sport 350 Roadster is .2 unimportant seconds speedier to 60 miles for each hour than its car related variety.

That bundles it achievement the standard in 3.7 secs. Top appraised level is characterized at 150 miles for each hour.

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