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5 Car Innovations Coming Soon That Will Surprise You

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Technology is changing and advancing every day. With each new invention comes newer more exciting and efficient features meant to make man’s work easier.

Just as in the mobile phone industry, it is the same in the automobile industry.

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Engineers are always looking to advance cars in their entertainment capacity, beauty, safety as well as speed.

Check out 5 car innovations to look forward to in the future.

Communicating Cars

How cool would it be to have cars that can communicate with each other? For starters, so many accidents could possibly be avoided.

Imagine being in a bad corner or an intersection with another car coming, the car will warn you of the impending danger as it will have picked up the other car’s signal.

It could even veer you in a direction away from the danger or automatically stop the car. 

Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication is a developing technology, being tested by automotive manufacturers like Ford as a way to help reduce the number of road accidents.

V2V uses wireless signals to send information between cars about their location, direction, and speed.

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The information is then conveyed to the cars around it in order to provide information on how to keep the vehicles safe distances from each other.

Another vehicle communication invention being tested is that between cars and infrastructure.

Here cars would be able to tell oncoming road signs and choose the best routes to take based on oncoming traffic.

Self-Driving Cars

We already have self-starting cars but developers are looking into the creation of fully self-driving cars. These cars will definitely help avoid so many accidents which are a result of exhaustion in drivers.

Self-driving cars are not a new concept as we see it in movies all the time.

It is also closer to reality than most people imagine. Soon enough, you will not be forced to drive yourself. 

Google engineers have already experimented on self-driving cars on more than 200,000 miles (321,869 kilometers) of public highways and roads in California and Nevada.

While carrying out the tests, some of the cars needed to be driven on the specific roads a few times to understand it before they could drive themselves.

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Airbags That Stop Cars

Airbags are in pretty much all the new cars coming out. They try to help reduce the impact after a crash.

Car companies are however looking to create airbags that help prevent the crash in the first place.

For example, engineers are looking to create airbags that come from beneath the car and help slow it down faster.

They are also looking to have the cars jump a few centimeters from the ground to avoid the current head dip involved when you press the brakes.

Augmented Reality Dashboards

When we watch sci-fi movies, a lot of the time you see robots who can bring up a person’s history to their view when they see them. This is what developers are trying to do but with cars.

And the view will be on the windshield of the car. This augmented reality technology

BMW has already implemented a windshield display in some of its vehicles which displays basic information.

They’re also developing augmented reality dashboards that will be able to identify objects in front of a vehicle and tell the driver how far they are away from the object.

They are also testing AR where you can see what’s wrong with the engine and give you instructions on how exactly to fix it.

Brain to Vehicle Technology

As we are human, we are not always as fast and swift as we’d like in doing things, including hitting the brakes in emergencies. This, in turn, has led to a lot of accidents happening.

Car companies are now looking into creating a technology that transmits brain signals directly to the car.

So if you need to brake, the car instantly picks up the signal and brakes automatically.

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