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Cars, Trucks And SUVs Owners Get Rid Of Within The First Year

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It’s hard to say goodbye to the things that you love. This is even more challenging if you are passionate about cars. Sometimes, marketing is just too good. That being said, you can easily be seduced by the car’s layout, vivid colors, and those perfect roads in commercials that you easily miss the car’s performances.

As expected, you jump into the purchase line, and in no time, you must say goodbye to your new car because your new favorite vehicle is not what you have expected. This applies to any vehicle. Here are cars, SUVs, and trucks that people sell of trade-in before their first year of ownership.

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30. Land Rover Discovery Sport

If you love to explore unknown and go into more rural areas than Land Rover Discovery Sport is probably the car for you. This vehicle has a strong engine and amazing epic off-road feature for exploring away from the main road.

Land Rover Discovery Sport is also one of the very few off-road-oriented SUVs that is actually comfortable for long rides, and very elegant at the same time. So, what pushes people to give this car away? It turns out that maintenance costs are extremely high.

29. Porsche 911

When it comes to iconic cars, nothing beats Porsche 911. This famous car is one of the most popular sports cars that deliver a fantastic driving experience. How amazing this car says the fact that it comes in various variants.

Each model comes with specific features, and each version is accessible for a reason. Still, around 7% of new buyers give up on this car in the first year. The reason? Some Porsche 911 versions are not what they claim to be.

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28. MINI Clubman

If you want a city car, any MINI edition will do. However, if you want a more reliable and bigger MINI, than MINI Clubman seems fitting. Overall, this model is actually a station wagon, while the proportions are slightly “off.”

Although this car is very appealing, reviews are not so flattering. Bad reviews, extremely high maintenance costs, and a driving experience that doesn’t match the promises, make owners ditch this car in the first 12 months of ownership.

27. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a mid-size luxury sedan. This car made in Germany brings luxury and technology in one. Also, the car design is impeccable, and features are on point.

Still, the return rate for this car is 12.4%. It seems that the buyers have a difficult time dealing with high maintenance costs, high cost of ownership, and high insurance costs.

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26. BMW 3-Series

BMW’s 3-Series are some of the best-known sports sedans. They are p[owerful, smooth, and well-tuned. Also, this series is the first choice for drivers who want power, excellent handling, and luxury.

Further, this is a car that others compare their production with. Overall, this is a fantastic driving car. Although the features are great, still, 11.8% of buyers return this car due to high maintenance costs.

25. Land Rover Evoque

The popular Evoque is officially Land Rover’s smallest SUV. This model debuted in 2011, and it was an instant hit. Drivers loved features, design, off-road rides, and even some luxury treats.

Overall, this car can wade through nearly two feet of water, and its equipped with a fantastic Terrain Response system for crossing rough trails. However, reliability issues, high maintenance costs, and insurance are enough for 10.9% of buyers to ditch this car after less than a year.

24. BMW X1

This is the smallest crossover, and also one of the best ones from BMW. Equipped with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, this car is easy to move, making it one of the most exciting crossovers to drive.

As expected, the car is packed with high-quality materials with impeccable design. However, drivers are not fond of loud noise on the freeway, and the ride can be jarring over rough roads. So, in just the first 12 months after the purchase, drivers ditch this car.

23. BMW X3

BMW simply knows how to make cars. They also love the numerical naming system, so it’s easy to follow where all the SUVs stack up in the hierarchy. Interestingly, every new SUV seems bigger than the previous one.

Reportedly, BMW X3 is fun to drive, thanks to its excellent handling. Still, regardless of its luxury, 355-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder engine, and luxury features, next to fantastic design, 9% of owners choose to ditch this car.

22. Nissan Versa Note

Nissan Versa Note is a simple car, with better styling than the popular Versa sedan. However, many insist that Nissan Versa Note is better due to its value, driving experience, and various features. Also, the Nissan Versa Note is rather inexpensive. So, if you are searching for an excellent car to get you from point A to point B, this just might be the car for you.

Nissan designed this car to be reliable and affordable, other words to be a basic and simple car. Unfortuntayerl, being affordable and reliable can have its drawbacks. Therefore, 9% of buyers ditch little Nissan Versa Note in the first 12 months.

21. Jaguar XF

Jaguar’s XF gives some of the best ride qualities, among any four-door sedan. The design here is mind-blowing, but it’s still not something that can pursue buyers to keep this car.

The Jaguar’s XF offers impressive performance, but it also enables minor interior quality issues, reliability issues, and a massive cost of ownership. All in, 8% of buyers choose to ditch this car.

20. Nissan Versa

The Nissan Versa is very basic transportation. This car is extremely affordable and reliable. However, it lacks several features that are standard in competitors.

Also, people are not to fon of basic car design. Also, it seems that Versa overall is not about exciting things, so 8.7% of buyers choose to say goodbye to Nissan Versa in the first year of purchase.

19. Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is a full-size SUV. This amazing car is available in a wide variety of different engines, trims, and it’s overall market as one of the best luxury SUVs on the market. The Porsche Cayenne is also one of the best selling sports cars ever.

So, what is the problem with this car? The truth is that, despite the functional characteristics, the luxury side is a massive downside. Both maintenance and cost of ownership are large-scale, so 8.7% of buyers are not super satisfied with purchasing this car.

18. Mercedes-Benz GLA

Mercedes-Benz’s GLA is available with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, making the handling easy and crisp, even on the twisty roads. However, many owners actually complained of cramped back seats, small cargo area, and overly harsh ride.

As expected, it’s small size makes it very efficient. These issues are enough for 8.5% of buyers to switch this small Benz for another car within a year.

17. Nissan Rogue Sport

Putting ‘sport’ to the name of any vehicle is a serious move. It brings some serious expectations, in terms of speed, performance, and enjoyable and crisp handling. However, this sports cat lacks sportiness. Still, this cat is spacious, composed on the road, and comfortable, but with only 141 horsepower and a CVT transmission.

Overall, this means that the car is slow. Still, for an everyday SUV, this is a reliable car. Those who prefer a more substantial car, around 8.1% of buyers choose to ditch this vehicle.

16. Mercedes-Benz G-Class

This is the ultimate car for those who love to get lost off the road, or simply their jobs are not based in an urban area. This car is powerful, beyond anything else. Not that this off-road star is powerful, but its equally enjoyable, and comfortable, with classical Mercedes luxury treats.

With 416 horsepower, it comes as no surprise that the starting price of $124,000. At the same time, this car will drain tanks and wallets. Not only that buyers must invest serious money into this car, but they must maintain it and keep it running once they have the keys. So, 8% of buyers are not capable of funding this car in the first 12 months.

15. Nissan Titan XD

The Nissan Titan XD is a massive pickup truck with a Cummins diesel engine and the Pro 4X off-road package. This Nissan edition comes with great off-road features, and on top of that, it has the diesel power.

Still, this is not enough to inspire people to keep this powerful car longer than a year. The truck market is also a highly competitive one, so 7.9% of buyers are ready to switch this Nissan Titan XD for trucks from Ram, Ford, or Chevrolet.

14. Nissan 370Z

The popular Nissan 370Z has gone under numerous changes, that over time it has become a genuine sports car. Also, this model is very pleasing to the eye.

The most exciting fact about this car is that competition actually manage to level-up this car, and Nissan missed following that, and the interest in this car in time declined. So, 7.8% of new buyers usually want to get rid of this car in the first year.

13. Nissan Titan

The standard Nissan Titan is considered to be king when it comes to pickup trucks. The V8 makes 390-horsepower but isn’t enough to make the Titan impress against the F150, Silverado or Ram.

When it comes to riding quality, it’s known for being harsh, compared to its competitors. That being said, it comes as no surprise that 7.6% of new buyers prefer to ditch this car in the first 12 months.

12. Chevrolet Corvette

Nothing like Chevrolet Corvette, right? This is America’s sports car king. At the moment, the seventh generation of this car is available, and its V8 powerhouse that can go toe-to-toe with the world’s most expensive vehicle globally.

Moreover, the Z06 and ZR1 Corvettes are real car monsters. Still, 6.4% of new buyers are not impressed with Corvettes’ model, fun, and speed, so they gave them back within a year.

11. Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is two things: fast and muscle car. At the moment, nine-models of the Dodge Challenger is available, with the V6 powered SXT and ending with the instance Hellcat Redeye Widebody. Some even see them as a portable burn-out machine.

Still, even though Dodge Challenger is powerful and aggressive, the Dodge Challenger is aging, and 6.4% of Dodge Challenger owners can’t handle the billing and decide to switch to something more money-wise.

10. Nissan Frontier

It is actually surprising that people are so quickly ready to give up on Nissan Frontier. Truth be told, the top three light-duty pickup tucks people give up on the first year are all Nissans, the Titan XD, Titan, and Frontier.

According to owners’ experience, they love the Nissan Frontier. Still, the inability to for this car to transform into a moving vehicle is what makes them turn their back to this vehicle.

9. Ford Mustang

You may not expect to see this iconic car on this list, but you might be surprised to learn just how many people choose to ditch Ford Mustang every year. Ford Mustang is a fantastic car that helped define and shaped American culture. So, why are Americans turning their back to this car?

The car is still classy, still has a fantastic design, and it’s still compelling. However, such a powerful machine comes with specific maintenance requests that people simply can’t keep up with.

8. Chevrolet Camaro

There is something about sports cars that can make everyone’s heart go faster. Moreover, there is something special about specific sports cars, such as the fantastic Chevrolet Camaro.

Still, this car is ditched by 6.1% of buyers each year. People tend to overlook just how much money a sports car can require yearly. So, if you are looking for a sports car, you might easily find the latest models in the used market.

7. Porsche Macan

When Porsche first announced that they would introduce a new model to the family, everyone was excited. Everyone, but 6.35 of the Porsche Macan buyers who choose to ditch this car quickly.

The famous Porsche Macan is a sport and luxury car. However, if you really want this car, try to find it on the used market first. This is a far better way to purchase this car.

6. Mazda CX-3

The Mazda CX-3 is a family and affordable SUV that still manage to miss the mark for man consumers. The starting price of this attractive price is at a minimum of $20,000, and it comes with 148 horsepower.

Usually, as you ave to upgrade, the Mazda CX-3 becomes much more expensive. Overall, according to o previous owners, The Mazda CX-3 lacks in other areas, and it seems that price is no the only thing that people care about the car.

5. GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon will take you 30 miles per gallon the highway, and even 20 miles per gallon in the city rush hour. The starting price of the car is $22,00, and overall this car is described as reliable and customizable.

Still, 4.8% of the new buyers return the car each year. The reasons are still unknown. Overall, this car can do most of the light-duty pickup truck.

4. Toyota Tundra

The practical Toyota Tundra is surprisingly the tenth most returned light-duty pickup truck in the first year of launching. Approximately 3.9% of buyers are willing to return this car without thinking twice.

Still, since the return rate is so low, this can can’t be classified as bad. Maybe just this car wasn’t the perfect choice for its owners at the time.

3. Toyota Tacoma

Initially, the Toyota Tacoma was imagined as an upgraded Toyota Tundra. However, it seems that customers are not too happy with this version since 4.7% of buyers choose to return the vehicle within the first year.

Still, this return rate is nor alarming. For 2020, Toyota has big plans for releasing a brand new Tacoma model. We can only hope that buyers of this model will think twice if this car is for them.

2. Ram Pickup 1500

The Ram Pickup is a stable car, with a return rate of 4.1%. Still, this is not the high return rate, but it’s still a lot for a manufacturing company. The year 2019 was a significant milestone for Dodge’s company since it launched a redesigned Ram 1500.

The reviews for this model were fair and good. Furthermore, the vehicle was praised for its space and a quiet cabin. On the downside, the model was critiqued for lack of driver assists.

1. GMC Sierra 1500

The GMC Sierra 1500 is a serious car for those who love to go off-road. Still, owners are not happy about its design. They would love it if the popular GMC Sierra 1500 could be more modern.

Also, there is a general lack of space for the driver and passenger. The total return rate? Moderate 4.8%. Considering the troubleshoots about this model, its’ great that the return rate is not higher.

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