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How To Recognize A Good Driver Easily

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Being a driver is a huge responsibility. Participating in traffic is indeed an important decision that comes with a massive responsibility. Being a good driver is much more than knowing how to drive a car.

To be a really good driver, you need to know your vehicle, to know to fix when something goes off, and to actively participate in traffic.

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All in, this means that you know how to deal with tiredness and distracted drivers.

On top of that, you should know how to spot good and bad drivers a mile away. Here is how to know if someone is a good driver.

Hey Move Over After Passing

If you see someone make a clean pass on the left, you should get out of the passing line. If you see this maneuver the chances are that you are looking at a good driver.

How to know this? Because using the passing lane for passing is an extremely difficult and rare sight.

They Keep An Older Car In Good Condition

If you see an old car on the road in great condition, know that you are actually looking in a good driver. Great drivers usually keep their vehicles spotless and in great condition.

A great maintained car means two things: that the person cares about the vehicle, and that she or she hasn’t gotten into any accidents.

They Flash After A Hidden Cop

Road manners are important when it comes to deciding if a person is a good driver or not. To notice hidden cops a person should be really attentive.

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Being aware of what happens around you, you are actually caring about others on the road.

All in, this level of empathy means that a person is a good driver.

They’re Not Overly Polite At Intersections

People who know to drive, are well-aware of that. If you pull up to a four-way stop at the same time as someone on your right and they want, know that the person behind the wheel isn’t a good driver.

A good driver knows the rules of the road very well, and in most cases, isn’t overly polite.

There is certain confidence behind the wheels that makes a good driver.

They Can Park

You saw this one coming probably, because who loves to deal with parking?

Even non-drivers can tell if a person is a good driver or not based on parking skills. Good drivers know how to park. Parking without drama is a clear sign of a good driver.

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