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The Greatest Movies In The History Of Film Listed

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The wonders of cinema will never stop inspiring people. Only a few things in this world can touch the world in only a few minutes, and cinema is one of those magical wonders. Movies can make us laugh, cry, go through an emotional rollercoaster, and even inspire us to change the course of our lives. So, how to determine the best movies ever if you love them all?

The greatest movies are the greatest for a good reason – they offer plots, unexpected turns, amazing actors, mind-blowing camera, and unique characters. To avoid forcing you to tell the best among many beloved movies, we have gathered a one of a kind list of the 25 greatest films of all time. Read the full list below and check if your favorite movie made the cut.

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25. Stand By Me (1986)

Rob Reiner’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novella The Body is an emotional adventure that shows us just how exciting and scary the world is. The movie follows four boys, best friends, who went through a crash course of life in one summer.

This movie is also a coming-of-age movie that celebrates childhood friendship’s strength and stress while gently reminding us that some relationships are forever, while others are once in a lifetime encounter, which is ok. This movie never gets old, and it’s the perfect choice for the family Saturday night movies.

24. Raging Bull (1980)

When Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro, the result is always a great movie. Together, they make memorable movies that last for centuries. Raging Bull is one of those movies that everyone has to watch, at least twice in a lifetime. De Niro did an amazing job as self-destructive pugilist Jake La Motta, who was also present on the set, even during unflattering scenes.

Scorsese is known for original solutions. To make Jake’s home realistic, he used a coat hanger to scratch the film negative. Raging Bull features some of the cinema’s best-shot fights.

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23. The Terminator (1984)

He told you he’d be back. Did you know that Terminator is a product of a nightmare? Director and co-writer James Cameron was stresses and fever-stricken when he had a dream about a solid chromo torso crawling out of an explosion and dragging itself across the floor.

After that, he cooked the story about the soldier from the future. This movie had so low budget that they had to improvise to make those great shoot-outs. However, the shooting had to be postponed for nine-month because Arnold had another project, but that didn’t stop Cameron from creating one of the longest and money-wise best franchises in Hollywood.

22. The Prestige (2006)

The Prestige is one of those movies whose plot and twists can hold you in shock for days. Christopher Nolan’s gathers amazing actors, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, and places them in late 19th century London. Among movie lovers, this film is usually described as a ‘true gem.’

Although the movie is promoted as a movie about magic, it’s about life and philosophy in reality. The movie tells about the practical side of magic on how important it is to keep tricks hidden.

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21. No Country For Old Men (2007)

There are certain movies that you can’t watch without tension, and No Country For Old Men is one of those movies. The Coen brothers’ Cormac McCarthy adaptation set in Texas follows Moss and Anton on their path on going from good to bad.

The movie is tension-ratcheting while characters try to figure out how good people can deal with the world that goes down? We have also learned from this movie that Javier Bardem is an excellent villain.

20. Amelie (2001)

Jean-Pierre Jeunet did a fantastic job of showing the world just how magical Paris and its people are. Amelie tells the story of a young girl who does her best to make life easier and more beautiful to people around her.

Portrayed by Audrey Tautou, Amelie touched the hearts of many and showed the real magic in the world. Up to date, Amelie is the most charming French character in search of romance. The movie was so popular globally, and especially in Europe, Amelie became one of the most famous names for baby girls across England and Wales.

19. Titanic (1997)

There is probably no person alive who isn’t familiar with another of James Cameron’s majestic movies. Cameron is known for his passion for creating original stories and movies. Although Titanic belongs to history, he did manage to make a unique story.

James made one of the most expensive movies ever to deliver a great story, amazing shots, and memorable movies to tell this story. Many expected this movie to fail, but it turns out to be one of the most successful films of all time. Ever since the budget is not an issue in Hollywood when James decides to make a movie.

18. Good Will Hunting (1997)

Dreams do come true to those who dare to put their dreams into action. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck did just that. They teamed up, penned a story, and won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Damon plays a troubled maths genius who spends time with his unconventional counselor (Robin Williams, who also won an Oscar) while solving some of the most complex math problems ever. It’s a story of letting go of the past and stepping into what you deserve.

17. Arrival (2016)

When someone mentions sci-fi and aliens, they usually think about E.T. or The Day The Earth Stood Still. However, Arrival is what completes these two movies in alien representation.

Arrival is an alien visitation drama created so carefully that it can leave in ave for days. The movies show how language is the most important communication link, even with other species. Arrival gives its best to demonstrate how a simple language can make us better understand others and ourselves, even when they are from the other world.

16. Lost In Translation (2003)

Lost In Translation is Sofia Coppola’s second film that shared a story about two lost souls who found each other in a most unusual place. Lost In Translation is a story of almost-romance between listless college grad Scarlett Johansson and life-worn actor Bill Murray.

Many would say that this is the ultimate jet lag movie, colors with daydreaming, and how it feels to be in a different country and in a different time zone. Spoiler alert: we still don’t know what he whispered to her at the end.

15. The Princess Bride (1987)

The Princess Bride is such a beloved film and for many reasons: it’s action-packed, there is a love plot, great characters, and memorable quotes. The novel The Princess Bride was written in 1973, enjoying great success before the film was filmed.

Director Rob Reiner and writer William Goldman were fans of the book before deciding to work on this project. Yet, their affection toward the book made their cooperation smooth and the movie a great success. Great lines, great sword fights, and rodents of unusual size. What’s not to love?

14. Shaun Of The Dead (2004)

Never watched Shaun of the Dead? Do yourself a favor and watch it today – it will instantly make your day better. Shaun of the Dead is one of those films that you can watch alone or in a group and still have a blast.

Inspired by classic zombie movies, Shaun of the Dead brings fresh angles, witty characters, and hilarious zombie-related situations. This movie is a blend of comedy and serious situations. All in, this film had a massive influence on today’s horror genre.

13. The Exorcist (1973)

When The Exorcist premiered, it changed the flow of the movie industry and forever shaped horror movies. By many parameters, this movie is considered to be a horror masterwork. After all, a story of a 12-year-old girl being possessed by a demon must shock.

This movie has a reputation as a shocker, with heap-spin, with unusual vomit, and crucifix. This isn’t what makes this movie so scare, but William’s skill to develop a chill atmosphere.

12. Predator (1987)

Can you think of any movie that Arnold Schwarzenegger acted in that wasn’t a blockbuster or had an enormous cultural effect? Predator is one of those rare films from the 1980s that lives on.

This is action-pumped fil, with a bit of science-fiction tweak. When you combine a new story, an interesting plot, a laser cannon, and huge soldiers, success is guaranteed. So, if you are thinking of watching the Predator or the Alien franchise, start with a movie from 1987.

11. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (1989)

Growing up without Indiana Jones isn’t a childhood. Who didn’t want to embark on an adventure after watching Ford discovering the mysteries of the world?

When 12-years-older Sean Connery joined him for Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, fans were more than exciting. Together, they created one of the best movies in the Indiana Jones universe, and we will forever be grateful for that.

10. Léon (1994)

Léon was Luc Besson’s first English-language movie/ Little is knowns, but this global hit is a spiritual spin-off of Nikita, a female version of Victor the Cleaner.

If there wasn’t for Reno’s brilliant acting and young Natalie Portman to round the story, the movie wouldn’t reach this success. Natalie portrayed l 12-year-old Mathilda, whose relationship with the monosyllabic killer is genuinely affecting and nimbly stays just on the right side of acceptable.

9. Rocky (1976)

No matter how long the list of greatest movies might be, Rocky must be on it. This is such a cult movie that even youngsters know about it. After all, how many movies and TV shows replicated that scene when Stallone runs up the stairs to conquer the world? Many.

John G. Avildsen’s boxing drama is the ultimate underdog sports movie. This art creation proves that winning isn’t the most important thing and that participating really matters. You always gotta go the distance… 40 years later, people can’t stop talking about this movie’s influence.

8. Some Like It Hot (1959)

Some Like It Hot premiered in far 1959, with Marilyn Monroe in the lead female role. Instantly, a new hit was born and one of the best comedies ever. This is easy to digest movie with great lines and some modern thinking, ahead of their time even. Some Like It Hot speak about the magnitude of Billy Wilder’s talent and his character.

According to rumors, Billy had to deal with Monroe, who was constantly late and on pills. However, he turned this role into her best performance. The ending scene and the line: “Well, nobody’s perfect “… is still one of the best lines ever!

7. The Social Network (2010)

The Social Network tells the story of how the most prominent social network was born – Facebook. Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, is portrayed as super-nerd and ruthless Jesse Eisenbergs.

This movie is a drama. It’s about hard life choices, poor decisions, and an unpredictable future. Screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin, did a fantastic job elaborating on the central paradox about a guy who doesn’t get people makes a fortune getting people together online.

6. Spirited Away (2001)

If you need something fresh and outside the Disney box, Spirited Away should be on your list. This is just a beautiful animated film. The entire movie is based on spirits of Shinto folklore and morality, without clear-cut distinctions of good and evil.

Spirited Away is like nothing that you can see in America or British animations, and that’s what makes this Japanese animated movie so impressive – it’s globally original. The story is excellent, the drawings are amazing, the animation is great, and the colors are beyond this world. This movie is so influential that experts can see that it has affected films such as Moana and Frozen II.

5. Toy Story (1995)

Toy Story kicked off the CG-animation revolution, but it’s not the once-novel visual medium that makes this Pixar movie one of the best movies ever.

This movie was so successful because of the toy’s story. The story is perfectly rounded, as it’s about friendship, love, fear of the unknown, self-identity, and workplace politics. Plus, it can make everyone laugh.

4. Rear Window (1954)

Photographer LB Jeffries (James Stewart) is on sick leave with a broken leg. He’s bored to tears, so he starts spying on his neighbors. Then he sees a murder. OR DOES HE?

This is one of the best plots ever directed by the famous Alfred Hitchcock, who really knew how to keep people engaged and interested in the next scene. Rear Window is loved for its fantastic set build: that entire Greenwich Village courtyard was constructed at Paramount Studios, complete with a drainage system that could handle all the rain.

3. The Lion King (1994)

The Lion King is the highest-ranking animated movie on this list, beating even the global phenomena Toy Story. Up to date, this is one of Disney’s most beloved movies.

The Lion King is a story about life, how both bad and good are reserved for this life, and how everyone (humans and animals) need to learn how to deal with it. This is an epic tale of a dynasty in the Animal Kingdom, with catchy songs and great lines in Swahili – Hakuna Matata!

2. Singin’ In The Rain (1952)

Singin’ In The Rain is a must-watch movie with your family members. It’s fun, original, and vibrant. After this movie, you won’t be able to forget great musical lines and some dance moves.

Gene Kelly, the main actor, brings a great sense of exasperation at the film industry’s diva-indulging daftness, making it a gentle piss-take, too. Plus, this movie from the 1950s was in color, making it more joyous.

1. Return Of The Jedi (1983)

In this post-Phantom Menace world, the Ewoks don’t seem quite so egregious, do they? Still, this movie was a massive hit, and its legacy continues to live even today.

Return of the Jedi inspired the prequels, but this part remains one of the most favorite ones. The movie is filled with great action, memorable lines, and great lightsabers battles.

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