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Ride on luxury and taste leisure driving with 2015 Mercedes C Class

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In 2014, we saw Mercedes launching the fully packed, petrol version of the C class. We knew a diesel version was soon to follow and giving meaning to our hopes Merc launched the diesel version, two months later. At present both the models are imported into India and it will be quite a while before local production begins.

The car will be launched with a C 220 CDI engine and we wonder if Merc will be attempting to introduce the twin-turbo 250 CDO motor that is found in E and M classes of Mercedes Benz. The new C class is estimated to produce 168bhp and 4078kgm or torque.

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The torque gets transferred to the rear wheels via a seven-speed torque converter. We can say that the engine specs are almost identical to the C 200 petrol variant and with the S class inspired styling; the C class definitely makes a statement on the roads.

With our previous drives, we are convinced that the strength of the 2.1 diesel motor is good enough for a racy overtake or quick dash. The revs are always under control and one does not feel any vibration or pressure that mounts in other rival models. However, with the revving heightens the road noise and the bumps and coarse surface can be literally felt inside the cabin. There were also instances where we got the 7G-tronic gear box getting stuck slightly.

Although the gap between diesel and petrol fuel prices are shrinking on a regular basis, when it comes t buying a luxury car, especially the likes of Mercedes C class, the tide is not over yet. Diesel still rules to be a feasible option and continues to be favorite choice for most buyers.

But what dampens the buyer’s sentiments is the price tag which is a tad heavy compared to BMW and Audi. The reason being the C class is a completely build up unit and is imported, unlike other luxury brands which have their product lineup mostly made within the country. The price will shoot up a bit high considering the high registration charges that some states levy for an import model like the C class.

Although with the long nose, the dominant hood and the Merc three star, the C Class’s design looks a lot similar to the S class, but somehow it manages to make an impression of a big car that worthy of its price tag. The interiors are also a scene of luxury with fine use of high refined leather that will push into your plush comfort. The dash board again with its myriad of controls looks elegant and classic with neat designing.

The engine performance of 0 to 60 in 6.6 seconds may not be exactly what a sports fanatic would be impressed it, but the C class definitely has enough power within it to make you feel thrilled while burning rubber on highways. The ride is also smooth and invokes a sense of leisure even in jam packed traffic conditions. Given the ability of Merc to read customer minds perfectly, the C class is almost close to mark a winning streak.

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