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The All-New Toyota Highlander 2020 Arrived

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The car in front of you will always be a Toyota. This is the slogan the Toyota, the giant automotive manufacturers in the world, have been using and is with no doubt true.

Toyota has managed to surpass other vehicle manufacturers like General Motors and Ford all over the world. Toyota has been able to cater to those that want exclusivity, that is high-end vehicles and to those that live on a budget but can access a vehicle for convenience.

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They have so many models from sedans, saloon cars, coupes, SUVs and pick-up tracks among many more.

Toyota has had steady growth from the year 2000 up to date and they are not stopping or slowing down for anything.

One of the new releases for the year 2020 is the trending Toyota Highlander 2020, which has been the buzz right now since its launch, or better yet announcement.

The New Toyota Highlander 2020 has more added features and improved specs that you could tell it apart from the 2019 model.

The outward appearance and the interior are also different from its predecessor.

Toyota Highlander Cost

The Toyota Highlander comes in two models which are standard petrol V6 machines and a hybrid machine.

The standard petrol V6 engine has a starting price of $34,600 while the hybrid costs $38,200 up to $50,200 depending on the additional quacks and features one would like to add.

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Toyota Highlander 2020 is flying high over its competitor SUVs which are a little bit cheaper but one definitely gets worth for their money.

One of its perks is that it has a resale value, which is what car buyers also look into a car before purchasing it.

Toyota Highlander Engine

The petrol machine is has a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 295 horsepowers and has an 8-speed automatic transmission, and also a front or 4-wheel drive.

For the hybrid version, it encompasses a 2.5 liter, 4 cylinder engine and 2 electric motors that merge to give 240 horsepowers.

Hybrid lovers also have the choice of getting a 4 wheel or a front-wheel drive. Toyota never discloses the torque on its vehicles but it is estimated to be on the high than the previous model.

With regards to performance, the V6 can pull up to over 2 tones while the hybrid can tow up to 1.5 tones.

Toyota Highlander Interior

Toyota Highlander 2020 has a chic interior. It has up to 3 rows and is a 7 or 8 sitter depending on the trim of the car. The platinum model on seats 7 people since it is fitted with captain chairs.

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For the limited and XLE model, depending on the buyer’s preference, it can seat 7 to 8 people, if it is not fitted with the captain sits. The L and the LE models have a standard 8 seat capacity.

The 2020 machine has enough space in the trunk to carry luggage and even when the third-row seats are folded, it is quite spacious.

Infotainment layout is one of the main things car enthusiasts look at when purchasing a car. The standard Toyota Highlander has an 8-inch screen display while the platinum model boasts a 12.3-inch screen display.

The screen comes built with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa. The Platinum version, since it is the high-end model, comes with in-house Wi-Fi and 11 speakers with JBL audio.

Toyota highlander also comes with other features such as pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, and automated high beam headlamps.

2020 Toyota Highlander Platinum has a panoramic moon roof, bird’s eye camera, and a head-up display.

Toyota Highlander Remarks

Awaiting its launch of sales next year, the Toyota Highlander 2020 is a must-have to the Toyota SUV lover. Comfort, luxury and austerity are all coupled up and have seen the birth of the magnificent SUV.

The difference between the 2019 model is evident. The 2020Highlander’s interior, under the hood and its performance.

The wide selection of models with its different price ranges and the specs have shown how capable the machine is. It is practical for both town drives and off-road drives.

Toyota has left no stone unturned when it comes to delivery.

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