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30 Ugliest Cars Ever Made

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Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but when the design is ugly, nothing can help it. Who would love to use an everyday thing that millions of people find ugly? Moreover, who would spend thousands of dollars on ugly cars?

For some reason, car companies sometimes just miss the point and make vehicles that are instantly ready for ugly-cars-heaven. Love ’em or hate ’em, here are the world’s most peculiar cars we won’t see anyone lining up to buy anytime soon.

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30. Fiat Multipla

Car lovers tend to compare this car with a rain-forest frog that had undergone a harmful genetic mutation. Made in Italy, this car never beached in the States.

According to many, even thieves, this bug-eyed car felt as it was made from soft plastic and air. Simon Cowell in Top Gear shared his opinion that this car has a disease.

29. Nissan S-Cargo

This small cargo van was extremely popular in Japan, during 1989-1991. Nissan S-Cargo is best described as being too ‘curvy.’

Nissan S-Cargo is all-round, has sharp curves, arches, and circles, and then just stops being round. To some, this car resembles a snail.

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28. Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar

The Sebring-Vanguard Citicar was inspired by the size and shape of a golf cart. One man, named Bob Beaumont, believe that gas-powered cars were killing city life and he wanted to do something about it.

That’s how this CitiCar was born. However, since it was running on batteries, you couldn’t drive 55 in the CitiCar. Overall, this car was a good idea that couldn’t last.

27. Bond Bug

Bond Bug is a famous three-wheeler, made in England. Some would say that this car is just horrible.

This famous microcar lasted from 1970 to 1974, and people actually bought it because they loved a low seating position. It gave them a similar impression of speed as in a go-kart.

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26. Pontiac Aztek

Pontiac Aztek had an appearance in AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” but it didn’t help him gain any popularity.

Car lovers claim that this car is a strange mix between Transformers toy and a Dustbuster vacuum.

25. Daewoo Tico

Daewoo Tico or Daewoo Fino is a city car mainly exported to European markets. In 1998, this Tico was replaced with a new model, the Daewoo Matiz.

The Daewoo Tico was produced by South Korean from 1991 to 2001. In 1995 Daewoo even was an instant hit, but it lived briefly.

24. Chrysler PT Cruiser

Chrysler PT Cruiser remains one of the most popular cars in recent memory. Famous PR Cruiser was a car for families.

Although the manufacturer played on nostalgia, the car was hard on the eyes. It still is.

23. 1999 Ford Taurus

Ford introduced Tauruses in 1986. At the time, Taurus was the best-selling car in the States from 1992 to 1996.

Just last year, 357,000 were sold. People either love the shape of the 1999 Ford Taurus, or they don’t.

22. Nissan JUKE

Nissan JUKE looks like it took more than just one hit. The truth is that this car brought fresh popularity to Nissan thanks to its robust car design.

According to Nissan, this vehicle is “a fun car that allows more assertive expression,” while others claim that Nissan Juke looks like a frog with a short-muzzle. In 2014, Nissan redesigned the vehicle. Now it seems even weirder.

21. Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible

Small family car, Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible, was manufactured and internationally marketed by Chrysler in two waves: 2000-2010 and 2005-2008. The original design idea was to recall the exterior style of the 1930s.

People thought that this car looks weird; neither it’s long or short. If a vehicle could look confused, this is how they would look.

20. Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius is a hybrid car first presented in 2015. Its design is a little quirky because the vehicle looks a bit like an alien.

According to Top Speed, this Toyota looks like “a double-chinned angry guppy that wants to eat your face.”

19. Geo Metro

Geo Metro is a classic car from the 1990s. Moreover, Geo Metro is a true cult classic. It’s inexpensive, simple, and uses just a bit of technology.

Metro enthusiasts have reported gas mileage as high as 75 mpg. It seems that whenever the gas price goes up, the interest in this car bounces.

18. Lightburn Zeta

Lightburn Zeta was one of the earliest economic cars from the 1960s. Sports had two seats, and it terms of design, it was simple and functional. Zeta was imagined as a perfect second family car.

It was light, simple, and cost-effective. On top of that, it had such a unique design. It kind of looked like a rocket-car.

17. Saturn SC (3 door)

The Saturn S-series was released as a compact family car. This series pioneered the ‘no haggle’ sales technique. The S-series debuted in 1991.

People love that this car is reliable, and that offers excellent quality-price balance, while exterior design could be more appealing. Still, current and former owners of this model are focused on the good side only.

16. AMC Pacer

AMC Pacer is a valid symbol of the 1970s. At least 1970s questionable taste. AMC’s executives hoped that Pacer would start a new wave of car design. Unfortunately, the design was mocked.

People called it a rolling fishbowl. Moreover, the line came with asymmetric doors. Simply said, it was difficult to enter the back seat. Eventually, AMC Pacer turned to a station wagon.

15. Citroën Ami

Citroën Ami is a French car, which came to the market in 1961. The most unusual thing about this car was its reverse-rake rear window. This styling feature was a clear sign that Citroen desperately needed a midrange car.

After all, they were competing against Renault and Volkswagen. The result was a really awkward car design.

14. AMC Gremlin

AMC Gremlin is probably the worse proportioned car ever built. Seen from the side, it can look like anything but a vehicle.

The front of the car is confusing, while the end is even worse. Many claim that this car looks sad.

13. Lamborghini Veneno

The world of cutting-edge car fashion is always risky. There is a thin line between brilliance and crazy aesthetic. Moreover, it can be crossed easily. This is what Veneno did. Veneno was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013, and it had cliché all over it.

Edmund’s John Pearley Huffman went a step further, declaring that: “It’s the worst thing out of Italy since fascism.” Luckily, this was a limited line to only nine identical models. The price was $4.1 million (US)

12. Suzuki X-90

Suzuki X-90 can easily be described as – weird. It has a chopped-off tail, bug-eyed headlamps, and glass canopy. This car got one of the most memorable review lines.

One of the Washington Post writers said that Suzuki X-90’…is so ugly, it’s funny. It’s so funny, it’s cute.’ This sweet vehicle lasted for only a few years.

11. Citroën BX

Citroën, a famous French manufacturer, produced this famous and significant family car. Citroën BX lasted from 1982 to 1994. During 12-years old history, 2,315,739 BXs were built.

The exterior of this car is unusual. The front part is long, while the back part seems long and round-shaped until the side look happens. From the side, BXs just looks awkward.

10. Renault Twingo

People love Renault because this brand always can secure reliability and safety. But, when it comes to their Renault Twingo, sides are divided. One is for sure – this city car sure has a cheeky appeal.

Although it may appear silly because it’s so compact, the truth is that the interior is done great. The space inside is massive.

9. Subaru Brat

Subaru Brat was seen on the roads, the 1970s, and 1980s. This model was envisioned as a small pickup car similar to the existing station wagon. The outcome was a bizarre car-touch called the BRAT.

Bi-drive Recreational All-Terrain Transporter, er BRAT, lasted until 1994. Interestingly, it was built with two rear-facing jump seats, and it was called a family car. This was an excellent way to avoid taxes on imported pickup trucks.

8. Yugo GV

To destroy this car, the crew of Top Gear used a real-life tank! The car comes with well-documented problems, and next to numerous issues, the car is ugly. It looks like a confused cube.

The Yugo is also one of the rare cares made in Eastern Europe that made it to the States.

7. Plymouth Prowler

Plymouth Prowler is officially one of the weirdest cars ever built. Cars in the 1990s were kind of bland until Prowler appeared.

It may look confused in terms of exterior, but it turns out that this is one of the most enjoyable cars to drive.

6. Chevrolet Chevette

Decades after manufactures stopped making famous Chevette; the truth is out – this car can still get better mileage than new vehicles. Many of the new cars at least.

When the oil embargo hit the States in 1973, something new had to be created and to help people moving. Therefore, Chevette was born. This car had a trim and sporty appearance, with bold stripes. Regardless of these features, many named Chevette the worst car ever.

5. Wartburg 353

The Wartburg 353, or the Wartburg Knight is a medium-sized car, produced in East Germany. When Wartburg 353 appeared, it was considered to be Audi of Eastern Europe.

Today, this car is just weird? Surprisingly, these wheels are easy and fun to drive, cheap to service, and affordable to insure.

4. Marcos Mantis M70

Marcos Engineering was a successful race car builder company, based in the UK. They used reliable engines and mechanical bits, and it all went smooth until they presented Marcos Mantis M70. Next to this car, terrible Aztek and similar cars look pretty.

Marcos Mantis M70 was built with long ‘snout’, its most unique feature. Only a dozen of these models were sold before the company went bankrupt.

3. Mitsuoka Orochi

Japanese cars are all about great design. They are advanced when it comes to design than American cars. But, with this car, they took design too seriously and did more than needed. The front end is bizarre, and it looks as if the car is smiling.

Overall, Mitsouko Orochi looks like a happy-looking animal that can scare people easily.

2. Isuzu VehiCross

Almost two decades ago, Isuzu gave its best to provide buyers an SUV that looked distinctive at least. They even went a step further and gave a little futuristic touch.

Sadly, it turns out that no one wanted a three-door SUV that looks like a smaller space shuttle. After this attempt, Isuzu abandoned the US market.

1. Hyundai Tiburon

There was a period when Hyundai worked hard to remain in the US market. To stay relevant on the market, Hyundai decided to take a risk with this famous sporty coupe’s redesign.

People agree that this was a big miss, and that redesign made the car even worse. Hyundai Tiburon also ended on Jalopnik’s list of “The Ten Worst Automotive Facelifts of All Time.”

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